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Garden Starter 25

The Garden Starter Cutting Kit is your gateway to effortless indoor herb gardening. Compact yet powerful, this 25-site cloner, a scaled-down


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Garden Starter 12

The perfect shelf-sized solution for nurturing seeds and cuttings, ensuring they have room to flourish. Whether you're cultivating smaller vegetables like herbs and lettuce


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Grow Row - 16 SITE

6 SITE offers the same smart, space-efficient design, but with a 16-site configuration. Your seeds and cuttings will have the space they need to grow and thrive 


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Grow Row - 45 SITE

45 SITE model is your answer for large-scale seed and cutting propagation. With 45 planting sites, it provides ample space


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Grow Row - 3 Bucket

3 Bucket system combines a 12 or 25 site propagation area with three convenient irrigation buckets. These buckets lock into the lid, offering a versatile solution for growers.


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