Product Code: SD950-25

Price: $159.00

Garden Starter Cutting Kit - Kickstart Your Indoor Herb Garden

The Garden Starter Cutting Kit is your gateway to effortless indoor herb gardening. Compact yet powerful, this 25-site cloner, a scaled-down sibling of the Venturiponic system, comes complete with 2 Venturi-Misters, a pump, airlines, and assembly components. With 25 planting sites featuring 1-3/8” diameter cloning collars, this kit fits seamlessly on your countertop, neatly tucked under a cabinet. Just add a small fluorescent or LED light to begin your journey into fresh, homegrown herbs.


Complete System Includes:

  • Humidity dome
  • 25 Versa discs
  • 125 GPH air pump
  • Connection plumbing, 2 VenturiMisters, and tubing
  • 5-gallon reservoir and upper growth chamber
  • Includes pre-assembled plumbing and fittings