Product Code: SD951-45

Price: $219.00

Grow Row - 45 SITE - Maximum Seed and Cutting Propagation

The Grow Row - 45 SITE model is your answer for large-scale seed and cutting propagation. With 45 planting sites, it provides ample space for your gardening ambitions. This kit includes all the essentials for a successful indoor gardening experience.

With Performance Grow's hydroponics systems, you can start growing your favorite vegetables, lettuce, and herbs indoors with ease and efficiency. Our robust, easy-to-clean thermoformed ABS plastic trays are proudly made in Clinton, Oklahoma, ensuring a long-lasting and hassle-free gardening experience. Welcome to the future of indoor gardening with Performance Grow.


  • Lower Reservoir, Upper Growth Chambers & Humidity Dome
  • 125 GPH air pump with 6-way manifold
  • Connection plumbing, 6 VenturiMisters, and tubing
  • 45 Clone Collars
  • 15-gallon reservoir