Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
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Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance For the most part your system does all the work, but there is still some daily maintenance that should be done.  For starters make sure that your system is performing properly.  Make sure its not flooding the plants or not getting enough water.  This can happen if the tubing is clogged. Make sure that your water is below from when the cycle first began.  You can add water if you notice it has evaporated some.  Make sure to not add more nutrient solution as this could over power the growing process and kill what has already grown. Make sure to keep the temperature the same and that its not fluctuating.  It might help if you keep a log and look for changes, they might not be noticeable every day, but a log can tell you otherwise.


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