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Start off with the best roots possible!
Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
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Reservoir, Additives & pH

reservoir, additives & pH Once you have your kit properly assembled and the water pump is placed in the middle of the reservoir, you can start filling the reservoir up with water all the way to the bottom of the misters.  You don’t want to fill the water up over the misters, it could result in hindering the operation of the manifold.  Having the most amount of water without going over the misters results in cooler water which means having a more stable pH level. Note: Make sure when adding water to the reservoir you avoid using distilled water. Reverse Osmosis water is fine to use if your tap water is high in mineral or has excessive chlorine, but most tap water is sufficient to use. Once your reservoir is filled with water you will add your preference of solution to the water.  You will need to follow the solution directions that is usually located on the back of the bottle or box that is provided with the purchasing of a solution.  After you have added your solution it is necessary to check the pH level.  You have two options tending to the pH level.  Since the pH level tends to rise over the course of 24-48 hours, you can keep an eye on the water until the pH is consistent. Meaning getting the pH level to stay between 5.8 and 6.2.  Or you can go ahead and get your pH level down to about 5.2 and it will slowly rise closely between 5.8 and 6.2 over the 24-48-hour period. Having a pH meter will really help with detecting what the pH levels are throughout all stages of growth.


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