Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
Grow Hack
Start off with the best roots possible!
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Preparation, Placement and Assembly

Preparation Once you have removed the materials from the packaging make sure you do a quick rinse down before you start assembling your product. The materials need to be cleaned before you start your process of growing. Once you have cleaned the materials you are ready to start the assembly process. Make sure you follow the instructions thoroughly for the best outcome.   Placement System placement is very important.  You need to make sure that you have a proper spot for all your kits.  Each kit needs to be placed on a sturdy structure that is strong enough to hold when filled with water.  If you are not sure of what to put your system on, the floor works just as good as a sturdy structure.   Assembly  Your kit will arrive collapsed, as you should store it.  Separate the pieces and identify the large tray with no grow sites and place it into position.  This is your base/reservoir and can be filled with water about ¾ full.  Next, you will place the mister assembly into the water and connect the pump.  Now, you will place the propagation lid onto the base making sure to route your hoses and/or cord to the notch.  The cloning collars can be placed directly into the sites or can alternately go into the net pots, which will drop into a site.   


  • Pre-Assembled Kits
  • Kit Components
  • Trays 
  • Tents
  • Lighting
  • Root Zone